Caturday – Jumping Tweak

I may have mentioned this before, but Tweak is a bit of a weird cat. Usually, it’s a good thing – he has a LOT of personality!

This photo set isn’t super high quality, as we grabbed our camera to try and get some photos of what he was doing, no time to mess with the settings or anything. He’d seen a bug or something on the outside of the windows of “his” 3 season porch… and was repeatedly launching himself in the air to get at it.

Now, Tweak is not a small cat. Looking back at these pictures now, I’m still amazed at how much air he got!

At the end of the photoset, I’ve included a video we took of him climbing a screen door. What you can’t tell from the video is that he wedged himself in between the screen door, and the glass door behind it! Weird cat.

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1 thought on “Caturday – Jumping Tweak

  1. That wedging between window and screen is how our cat learned to escape. You’d think a cat that wanted out would claw open the thin vinyl screen, but Jinx instead used his body weight and mass to push the screen out of its frame. Now we have hardly a screen in the house that isn’t blown out, and we have to limit how far we can open the windows.

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