Honey Dill Dipping Sauce Recipe

Honey dill sauce is one of those things that I think of as being ubiquitous… and then end up disappointed when it’s not. When you grow up with something THAT popular, it’s weird when you move somewhere that’s never even heard of it.

So, let me introduce you to honey dill sauce. This is VERY much a Winnipeg thing, and “popular” doesn’t even begin to describe it. If you order chicken fingers anywhere in Winnipeg, there IS honey dill sauce. Actually, not even “there IS”, more like “There MUST BE”. Major chain restaurants, little diners, festival food trucks, school cafeterias… it’s just what you do. Kids love it, adults love it… and after putting together this post, I’m gonna NEED to make some for supper tonight!

I once saw a list of “You know you’re from Winnipeg WHEN”, and one of the statements was “You dip everything in Honey Dill sauce”. Well, while I wouldn’t go so far as to say “everything”, it really is a versatile condiment. The most popular use, as I mentioned, is for chicken fingers. It’s also great on roasted potato chunks, steamed carrots, salmon, egg rolls, perogies, for crudite plates … and as a french fry dip!

Given that this is a 3 ingredient, less than 1 minute recipe, I’m a little embarrassed to be posting it. Well, make no mistake – this is NOT a gourmet thing, this is not haute cuisine… but it’s SO good. Also, it’s like educating all you non-Manitobans on foreign culture, right? 🙂

Honey Dill Sauce

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13 thoughts on “Honey Dill Dipping Sauce Recipe

  1. You are so right I moved to the Toronto area an No one has even heard of it! VERY disappointing . Definitely a Manitoban thing!!! Tried it an your recipe is very good. Glad to see we are sharing our knowledge B Safe an Than you

  2. I agree. I have been living in Montreal for 11 years and crave honey dill sauce whenever I see anyone having chicken fingers. I’m always surprised to hear nobody outside of Manitoba has heard of it considering how delicious it is. I guess it is just a part of Manitoban culture that the rest of Canada is missing out on.

    1. The rest of Canada? The rest of the WORLD!

      I’m stuck here in Minnesota, no honey dill sauce anywhere… AND people look at you as if you have two heads when you describe it!

        1. stuck – adjective
          1. fastened, fast, fixed, joined, glued, cemented “She had got something stuck between her teeth.”
          2. trapped, caught, ensnared “I don’t want to get stuck in another job like that.”

          Yep, with paying off tornado repairs for the next several years, we are – in fact – stuck.

  3. I moved to alberta from winnipeg and yes crave the HONEY DILL and as in other none manitoba cities. Nobody knows about or can imagine what honey dill tastes like.
    When i first moved here i could find honey dill on a safeway shelf, believe it or not.
    i was from Greetalia food products made in winnipeg, and is still made and shipped to stores in manitoba and parts of saskatchewan, but thats it !!!
    I recently drove all over the city looking for it, as i had a big chicken finger craving but had no luck.
    when i recently went back to winnipeg for a visit i bought a jar at safeway to bring home with me and called Greetalia to ask who sells it in alberta, they told me no body anymore as people just don’t get it, and it was too expensive to advertise it.
    I have to say i was devistated when the airport security would not allow be to bring it in my carry on and had to leave it behind : (
    So tonight i am making my own from scratch,and am going to enjoy my chicken fingers and my honey dill.
    I still can not beleave that people here do not know how amazing honey dill realy is.
    Enjoy all you honey dill lovers, you have something special that few people know about.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this– I can’t wait to try it out!

    I’m an Easterner (just outside of Toronto), born and raised, but this past weekend my husband and I made our first trip to Saskatchewan (his first trip west of ON) and he fell in love with honey-dill dip. Neither of us had heard of it before when it was offered to him with chicken fingers on our first night there. We were eating with some people we’d met in SK, and one of them who is originally from the east as well said “It’s a Saskatchewan thing,” I guess it’s actually more of a “prairie thing!” Anyhow, wanting to try local things, hubby got the honey-dill dip and now he wants MORE! I didn’t get to try it while we were there, so I am eager to taste it too, but he asked me to see if I could find a recipe online because he really wants to be able to have it here. Happily, I found this one!

    Thanks again!

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