Massive Post of Holiday Baking and Candy Making Inspiration!

Less than a week to go until Christmas, and still so many reasons to bake loom ahead. Hostess gifts for holiday parties… a good spread for your own holiday party. Christmas dinner. Last minute holiday gifts… New Years’ Eve!

If you’re sitting here, still not sure what to make, you’re about to be hit with the inspiration that you’re hoping for!

I have gone through all of my past blog posts and culled the absolute best recipes for the holidays – all linked here (click on the photos)! Cookies, Candies, Truffles, Bars, and Desserts.

Happy Holidays!

– Marie & Michael

PS: Be sure to take a photo of anything that you make from our recipes, and post it to our Facebook page! We love seeing what you come up with!

Now, on to the recipes…


black forest cookies
Chewy Black Forest Cookies
chocolate mint chip cookies
Chewy Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies
fruitcake cookies
Fruitcake Cookies
pecan pie cookies
Pecan Pie Cookies
gluten free fruitcake cookies
Gluten Free Fruitcake Cookies
strawberry macaron cookies
Strawberry Macarons
pistachio macaron cookies
Pistachio Macarons
chai shortbread cookies
Chai Shortbread
Noelle cookies

sweet ecstasy cookies
Sweet Ecstasy Cookies
limoncello madeleines cookies
Limoncello Madeleines


homemade clodhoppers candy
peppermint patties recipe
Peppermint Patties
blood orange cranberry dark chocolate fudge
Easy Blood Orange Cranberry Dark Chocolate Fudge
bananas foster pralines
Bananas Foster Pralines
blood orange cranberry white chocolate fudge
Easy Blood Orange Cranberry White Chocolate Fudge
pistachio brittle
Pistachio Brittle
banana walnut brittle
Banana Walnut Brittle
jalapeno beer peanut brittle
Jalapeno Beer Brittle
blood orange cranberry toffee
Blood Orange cranberry toffee
hop flavored beer lollipops
Hop Flavored Lollipops – Lollihops
sponge toffee
Basic Sponge Toffee
ginger-molasses sponge toffee
Ginger Molasses Sponge Toffee
candy apples
Candy Apples
jolly ranchers recipe
Homemade Jolly Ranchers
fruity glazed popcorn recipe
Fruity Glazed Popcorn

Bars & Tarts

cherry nanaimo bars recipe
Maraschino Nanaimo Bars
double chocolate walnut brownies recipe
Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies
mocha nanaimo bars
Mocha Nanaimo Bars
maple walnut baklava
Maple Walnut Baklava
jalapeno beer baklava
Jalapeno Beer Baklava
butterscotch marshmallow confetti bars recipe
Confetti Bars

butter tarts recipe
Butter Tarts


milk chocolate chai truffles recipe
Milk Chocolate Chai Truffles
dark chocolate espresso truffles
Dark Chocolate Coffee Truffles
tropical white chocolate truffles recipe
Tropical White Chocolate Truffles
white chocolate almond amaretto truffles recipe
White Chocolate Almond Amaretto Truffles
peanut butter chip truffles
Peanut Butter Chip Truffles
hop flavored dark chocolate truffles
Hop Flavored Dark Chocolate Truffles
Andes Mint truffles recipe
Andes Mint Truffles
basic dark chocolate truffles recipe
Basic Dark Chocolate Truffles
low carb bananas foster truffles recipe
Low Carb Bananas Foster Truffles


gluten free fruitcake recipe
Gluten Free Fruitcake
melon ball trifle recipe
Melon Ball Trifle
rum runner trifle recipe
Rum Runner Trifle
creamy blueberry amaretto pie recipe
Creamy Blueberry Amaretto Pie
French martini upside down cake recipe
French Martini Upside Down Cake
peach southern comfort cheesecake recipe
Peachy Southern Comfort Cheesecake

kahlua panna cotta recipe
Kahlua Panna Cotta
brandied apple upside down cake recipe
Brandied Apple Upside Down Cake
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