Salsa Verde Tamales

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’m a major gluten free snob. If it’s regularly something that requires regular flour, and that’s been replaced by “alternative” flours.. I usually find it revolting. So… I tend not to buy much prepare food that’s labeled “Gluten Free” in the grocery store.

A couple weeks ago, though, we were rifling through the gluten free freezer area, because I desperately wanted pizza, and was willing to make that compromise to get it. My husband saw a package of Amy’s “Salsa Verde Tamales”, and had to have it – even if it was labeled as a gluten free product. I’d never had a tamal before, so agreed to give it a shot – the photo DID look tasty!

Damn. Frozen, prepared food from a grocery store has NO business being THAT good.

Not sure if it was an accurate representation of a tamal or not, I started researching. Convenience food is great every once in awhile, but this was obviously something that I needed to learn to make. Aside from being inherently gluten free (as I soon found out)… my husband is also the biggest corn freak on the face of the planet, and the idea of wrapping his meal IN corn? As I said – quite obviously needed to learn to make it.

So created my own filling recipe. Then, I read a bunch about the dough and rolling, took bits and pieces of info that I liked from a few sources, and came up with my own recipe. Completely bastardized, I know – it’s probably nowhere close to authentic – but it IS super tasty. If you don’t want to include beer, substitute chicken broth.

We used pre-made salsa verde, because I wanted to keep the cost down. Effort too, as I had NO idea what to expect, this being my first time. I recommend not only starting the corn husks soaking the night before, but also making the filling ahead of time.

This may seem expensive at first, but it makes a TON of tamales – I think we ended up with about 70. Very, very cheap meals!

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How to make tamales

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  1. One of these is called a “tamale”, not a “tamal”. A little research wouldn’t hurt when dealing with something so traditional. 🙂

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