Valentine “Heart Beet” Eggs.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of photos of Chinese Tea Eggs on Pinterest. They’re really pretty! Basically, you hard boil some eggs, crack the shells, then steep them in a tea and soy sauce mixture, producing gorgeous designs all over the peeled egg.

Partly because I can never seem to NOT screw with an idea, and partly because of the copious amounts of pickled beet brine that a recent beet/goat cheese salad obsession has left us with, I decided to bastardize the idea a bit. It turned out great – brightly “tie dyed” pink eggs, subtly flavored with beet brine.

… and then I bastardized my own idea! Check it out…

Pink “Tie Dyed” Beet Eggs

7 eggs
1 1/2 cups brine from pickled beets

In a small pot, cover eggs with hot water, bring to a boil. Turn temperature down to a simmer, cook for 12 minutes.

Drain eggs, then immerse in cold water to cool to the touch.

Carefully crack each egg all over, without actually chipping any of the shell OFF the egg. Return to pot, cover with beet brine.

Bring beet brine up to a simmer, simmer eggs gently for about 30 minutes. Drain and rinse eggs well before carefully peeling off the shell.

So, we peeled the shells off and admired the pretty designs for a while. Once the novelty wore off, we were left with 7 hard boiled eggs. Kinda boring, right?

So… we decided to make deviled eggs. PINK deviled eggs! Also… heart shaped beet pieces as garnish – “heart Beets!”

Yes, we’re dorks.

Pink Deviled Eggs

7 pink “tie dyed” beet eggs
1-2 Tbsp mayo
2+ Tbsp pickled beet brine
Slices of pickled beets
Salt, pepper, mustard (all optional)

Find the ugliest egg you have – maybe you messed up peeling the shell off, leaving a really deformed looking egg. We sure did. Anyway, that one? Put it in a bowl and mash it up with a fork.

Cut all of the other 6 eggs in half. Remove the yolks from each, add to the mashed egg. Add mayo and beet brine to taste, season to taste, then spoon them back into the egg halves.

Use a small cookie cutter to cut tiny heart shapes from slices of pickled beets for garnish. (We couldn’t find our smallest heart cutter, so we cut them into small rounds and then used a paring knife to cut heart shapes from the rounds)


3 thoughts on “Valentine “Heart Beet” Eggs.

  1. They look wonderful, but did you sing (or at least have it play in the background) “Heartbeat” but Don Johnson while making them?

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