The Hunger Games

Just got back from watching The Hunger Games. Good movie, BUT…

OMG. Sensory torture. If you’re on the spectrum, you might want to avoid it.

First of all, the filmography was enough to make a person nauseous. Loads of quick, out of focus panning around.

Secondly, and worst of all, the movie was heavily peppered with sonic warfare. Not as part of the plot, just really high pitched noises serving no purpose but to disorient the audience.

I’m not a fan of having to cover my ears at a movie we’re spending a fair amount of money on, never mind having to do it repeatedly… and, for one 30-40 second stretch, having to repeatedly lift a finger to see if it was OVER yet, only to find it was still going on.

Both of us were in pain and plugging ears over that one, I was incapacitated to the point where I couldn’t even see while it was happening, hubby didn’t notice anyone else suffering.

Felt a little “X2″… except “Find all the Aspies….”. Where’s Magneto when you need him? LOL!

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