Gluten-Free Paska! (Citrussy Ukrainian Easter Bread)

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Gluten-Free Paska!

Recently, I was asked to make 3 huge batches of my Paska for a screen test for a local TV show. I was so confused at what I was thinking – it was such a great opportunity, and I love to turn people on to Paska – it’s *glorious* stuff – but I had already planned to not have to make Paska this year. It’s too great a temptation for me – last year, I went off gluten free when I made it and lived to sort of regret it. (The pain was awful, but the bread was kinda worth it – it’s THAT good!).

I really didn’t want to go flying off the gluten free wagon, especially with my health doing so well lately. I’m strong, but some temptations are too great, even for me. I know myself well, so I decided to create a gluten free version.

Sure, I’d never made a gluten free bread before this point (and this was before my recent Gluten Free Deep Dish Pizza epiphany.)… but you know, I love a challenge.

Oh lord. This was amazing. It didn’t have quite the same texture as the real deal, but the flavor was there. I slathered butter on a slice fresh out of the oven, and it was heavenly. So good, in fact, that I immediately messaged local friend Alissa, of “The Accidental Celiac, to inform her that I am a GENIUS (and so humble!), and that if she was around, I had to bring her something. There may have been some capitalized expletives and exclamation point abuse involved also.

I wrapped some still-hot goodness up, stepped away from preparing supper, and went the few short blocks to deliver it. Yep, fresh out of the oven Paska is THAT urgent… especially because having access to safe, GOOD bread when gluten free can make you sort of… feral.

Says Alissa:

“GF Paska, I dub thee “Magic Bread.” My daughter already has had 2 servings..and a part of the braid on top. It was so yummy…and the scent was heavenly. Nice and lemony…mmmmm THANKS for the surprise delivery!!!”

Anyway, the screen test ended up cancelled, but at least I got THIS out of it all. This morning I was reminded that I had not posted this recipe, though all of this went down just over a week ago!


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Gluten-Free Paska

Gluten-Free Paska

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5 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Paska! (Citrussy Ukrainian Easter Bread)

  1. 5 stars
    I just came across your site and had to say hello as there seemed too many similarities to ignore! I’m a gluten free blogger originally from Winnipeg (currently in Wisconsin to visit my own hubby to be), and have been posting the past 2 weeks on my blog about making gf versions of German Easter dishes, reminiscent of my childhood in the ‘Peg 🙂 I will definitely have to try and make your gf Paska!

  2. 5 stars
    Thanks you for developing this. It helps so much in keeping my Polish/Lemko traditions alive when I have to members of my family with Celiac disease.

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