Mushroom Soup and Eggs on Toast (Gluten Free)

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So, I’ve written and deleted the first few paragraphs of this blog entry a few times. Who knew that writing a blog entry on a very simple comfort food from my childhood would be so complicated?

Bottom line? Today’s recipe was brought on by all of the Mother’s Day ads lately, it’s a sore time of year for me, etc. To say that my family’s relationship status is “It’s Complicated” would be a gross understatement.

ANYWAY. My grandmother was awesome, and this recipe was inspired by her. She used to make mushroom soup and eggs on toast for me as a kid, and I loved it. Very simple comfort food – heat up an undiluted can of cream of mushroom soup, chop up some hard boiled eggs into it, and serve it over toast. Good stuff!

Well, now I’m an adult that’s allergic to gluten, so indulging in this weekend’s nostalgic craving took a little more effort.

Not a ton of effort, mind you… and the results were so good! This is not high cuisine, and it’s not the prettiest meal ever – but it sure hits the spot. While I’ve designed this recipe to be gluten free, feel free to serve it on regular toast, and/or use flour instead of cornstarch if you’re not Gluten free. Either way, hope you enjoy it!

PS: I have no idea if it’s a regional thing, or what – but no one I know seems to have ever heard of this dish. Anyone out there have any thoughts on that?

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Mushroom Soup and Eggs on Toast

Mushroom Soup and Eggs on Toast

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2 thoughts on “Mushroom Soup and Eggs on Toast (Gluten Free)

  1. 5 stars
    I loved this as a kid (born mid-1950s) and still do today. However, I’m pretty sure that I have Celiac’s so I hope to try this recipe soon. I’m from Michigan but my mother was born in South Dakota and her mother was from Minnesota so it COULD be a regional thing.

  2. 5 stars
    I love this dish. My Swedish relatives fed it to me as a child and I still have cravings today. I have found a delicious gluten free bread that works well with this recipe and gluten free condensed mushroom soup. Yummy. Yes if I had the time I would make everything from scratch but that’s just not going to happen right now. I also, have never met anyone outside my family that knows or likes this dish. Dinner tonight, yum!

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