Birthday Cake Martini

I have a really dirty, shameful secret, and I guess I have to share it, in order to post this recipe.


You guys know I’m the Evil Cake Overlord, and purveyor of all that is awesome about cake. You know that I swear by Swiss Meringue Buttercream, which is – quite simply – the most fabulous frosting that ever existed. I have never steered anyone wrong when it comes to matters of cake.

Here’s the thing: That “frosting” you buy in a can? Like… the “cream cheese” stuff? The stuff I would never personally put on a cake… ever?

I love it.

I have the most ridiculous sweet tooth ever, one that knows NO shame. While I would never use canned frosting on cake, it has other great uses… like making store bought gluten free cookies palatable. Melting some and drizzling it over ice cream is probably my guiltiest of pleasures. (Hear that? That’s the sound of my “cred” dying… ack! ).

With the new cake vodkas on the market, there’s another great use for it – I like to keep some on hand, for rimming martini glasses!

… which brings me to today’s recipe: Birthday Cake Martinis!

As I described in my Candy Apple Martinis post, today’s recipe is technically a martini cocktail, not a “martini”. It’s all good. Anyway, last year, I made a Dessert Pizza for my husband’s birthday. This year, I created this cocktail for him.

…And then I procrastinated for almost two months, only getting around to posting it when my own birthday was looming! I’m turning 33 tomorrow, hubby – as always – beat me to it!

Anyway, it’s been about a year since we first saw the UV “Cake” flavored vodka in a liquor store, which we had to buy – obviously. I don’t know what we were expecting, but we were kind of shocked when out mouths were greeted with the very clear, VERY accurate flavor of canned frosting.

Looking for less whimsy, and more elegance? Skip the frosting and nonpareils, and go straight to the edible glitter rim!

Birthday Cake Martinis

Canned frosting (We used “cream cheese” flavor)
Nonpariels, sprinkles, or colored sugar

2 oz UV Cake Vodka
1 oz Disarrono Amaretto
1 oz Godiva White Chocolate Creme Liqueur
3 oz coconut cream*

Using a clean fingertip, smear a thin ring of frosting around the edge of an 8oz martini glass. Pour some nonpareils into a shallow dish, gently roll frosted glass edge in them, to coat.

Measure remaining ingredients into a shaker. Add a handful of ice, shake a few times, strain into a martini cocktail glass** (~8 oz size).

* “Coconut Cream” is the heavy, creamy version of coconut milk. We tend to buy it in Asian grocers, but it’s usually available in the Asian/Indian sections of larger grocers also. It’s NOT “Coconut Juice” or “Cream of Coconut” – those are two entirely different products!

** For the purposes of this blog entry, we used appropriately shaped/sized glasses from IKEA – about $3 each 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Martini

  1. Too many meds for me to mix my alcohol; I’m a one type of booze in a drink person, but it gave me some ideas and I LOVE the presentation! I’m definitely gong to try the nonpareils glass-lining! I have a weakness for the cream cheese canned frosting for baking with and I also admit weakness; I try to never have a spoon near it or peanut butter when I’m baking. Never though of drizzling it on ice cream though. hmmm…

    Marie, you have the best ideas and the most wonderful recipes! But you already know I think you’re a foodie-goddess!

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