Roasted Chickpeas

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Roasted Chickpeas.

Yesterday marked day one of a one month long challenge that my husband and I are attempting – we’re going to attempt to stick to a healthy diet AND work out consistently for one entire month.

As usual, this requires some serious planning. As I’m currently working on two cookbooks – neither one of which are particularly healthy – I need to weed through the recipes, decide what CAN fit in with the next month’s diet. We decide on a meal plan, go grocery shopping, and plan for things like “What’s a healthy alternative when I am seriously craving sugar?” (Dried fruit, btw)

As we tend to get “snacky” in the evening, we have two go-to snacks: Kale Chips, and roasted chickpeas. The kale takes the place of potato chips, and we look at the roasted chickpeas as a substitute for popcorn.

Not only is this a really tasty snack, it’s healthy: Fairly low calorie, has some protein and fiber, and the only fat comes from the olive oil. It’s also quite filling, which goes a long way to taking the edge off hunger. We love this, even when not dieting!

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Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas

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