Evil Cake Overlord – An Announcement.

Ok, back to the “Partially over that hurdle” comment on an earlier blog entry …

Ever since my first two cookbooks were picked up by Red Tuque – for distribution in Canada – I’ve been dealing with the issue of US distribution. It’s been a very frustrating experience, but I have news!

First of all: The books, as originally released, will not be distributed through mainstream channels in the USA. In fact, I’m letting them go out of print… but more on that in a bit.

When I originally planned out my books, the sky was the limit… but most options had some sort of drawback. As it turns out, I made some decisions with the design of my books, that are apparently considered less than acceptable by US distributors. Of course, I made those decisions for very good reasons, whether or not traditional distributors agree with me.

When I was a kid, there was a well known series of cookbooks back home in Canada. They were called “Company’s Coming”, and you could buy them everywhere. It seemed like EVERYONE had a collection of them, and for good reason – they were affordable, had a TON of recipes, and were really handy. These were all qualities I appreciated, and when I published my own books, I wanted to follow suit.

I wanted to be able to put a TON of my recipes out there. I have so many great ones, I couldn’t see following the current trend among bloggers… putting out cookbooks that have maybe 30-40 recipes, more photos than editorial content, etc. Tons of color photos mean a more expensive book, and also – in my mind – make it a bit less useful. Those books I talk about, they’re gorgeous.. but I’d never want to bring one in the kitchen. I’d want them on my coffee table. My own cookbook? I wanted tons of content, and I wanted a plastic comb spine *specifically* to make it easier to have the book open on your kitchen counter. I paid extra for that spine, to make the books – COOKING books – more useful.

Unfortunately, I’ve repeatedly been told by US distributors that they don’t want cookbooks bound this way. They want full color, perfect bound, photographic “eye candy” cookbooks. That’s the trend, and really – everyone and their dog has a cookbook out now. My books are too “niche” to be competitive, in the eyes of the distributors.

Oh well, you can’t please everyone. Major kudos to Red Tuque for judging my books on their own merits!

I was truly happy with my books, and make no apologies for them not being coffee table books. From the wonderful emails I receive, I know people are loving the books, and that’s all I really wanted. Thing is, though… I would like for the books to be more readily available to libraries and book stores. I wouldn’t mind not having to fuss with invoicing and shipping wholesale book sales “on account”, etc. So… here’s what I’ve come up with:

I have 4 copies of “Evil Cake Overlord” left, in the original binding/format. When they’re sold, that’s it – they’re out of print. (Click here if you want to buy one of them!)

On June 30th, the second edition of Evil Cake Overlord will be released. All of the same recipes will be included, along with one new recipe, and many new photos. The size has changed, from 5.5″ x 8.5″ to 7″ x 10″. The new edition will be perfect bound, and available not only through my site, but also through Ingram. The interior will remain in black and white, to keep the costs down for customers. In full color, we’d be looking at a *wholesale* price of something like $30 – no thanks. It’s very important to me that my books remain accessibly priced!

So… that’s that. All future cookbooks – including the gluten free one that I’m currently working on! – will be released in the same format, going forward. I received my proof copy of the new Evil Cake Overlord a few days ago, and I’m impressed – I think you’ll all love it!

For future reference, here is the new information for Evil Cake Overlord:

ISBN: 978-0-9846040-4-3
162 pages
Release date: Jun 30, 2012

Once the last four copies are sold, I will update the information on the ordering page, to PREORDER the new edition.

Thank you in advance for your patience, as we transition to the new format!

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