Triumph After Tragedy … and Helping a Friend

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For an update on Stephanie’s run on The Glass House, click here!


So here’s a new one for you guys…

My friend Stephanie is competing on a reality show, starting tomorrow. While I would be the first to vote beg for any of my friends (or tweeps, or fans if asked!) On Twitter or Facebook, this is a little different. This needs an actual blog entry… and it’s going to be a hard one to write.

Stephanie and I have a lot in common. We’re roughly the same age, both members of Mensa – which is how I met her. We both have career/life ADD, getting our fingers into a wide variety of awesome stuff. Steph is a scientist, and that was what I was *supposed* to do with my life. We both met our husbands through Mensa, fell madly in love, and had wildly happy romances with our respective men. Fun fact: Her husband was born on Pi Day, my husband is obsessed with pi day, and we celebrate it every year!

Anyway, we both moved to foreign countries with them – her abroad, myself to the USA… and that’s where our similarities diverge. Tragically so.

One morning, her husband Tim complained of a stomach ache. The doctors’ efforts were futile, and Tim passed away eighteen hours later. Less than 24 hours between blissful happiness, and the worst kind of tragedy one could imagine. She was only 28 years old when it happened.

Her story was what was in my mind as I woke up this morning, and it made me hug my husband a bit tighter. I can’t even imagine what I would do if the same ever happened to Porter. I’m sure it would involve a LOT of hard liquor, self destructive behavior, and probably a jail sentence.

Stephanie, however, is a much better – and much stronger – person than I am. She moved back home, alone. She threw herself into work, and friendships, and has been … just so incredibly positive. She’s a ray of sunshine in the lives of everyone who meets her. She’s perky and bubbly and energetic, without making you hate her for it. In the drama filled world of Mensa, I’m not aware of anyone who has anything but the best things to say about her. (Oh, that’s another way that our similarities diverged…)

I’ve had the pleasure of room sharing with her at a convention. Stephanie is not only smart, fun, and funny, I can honestly say she’s one of the sweetest, most considerate roomies I’ve ever had at a convention. To have access to THAT much free booze, and THAT many fun-but-insane people, and NOT make me want to murder you at the end of the weekend? That’s talent. She’s a total sweetheart.

Steph is one to always live life to the fullest. As she puts it:

“I’ve experienced first-hand how you can wake up one morning and you’re literally no longer here the next.”

It’s this kind of spirit that has led her to many different experiences… the latest of which is competing on ABC’s new reality show, “The Glass House”.

Due to the nature of the show – which is 100% based on audience interaction and voting – I’ve decided to not just cheer her from the sidelines, but to take a more active role in supporting her. I’ve started a website, Twitter, and Facebook fan support pages from her, and – together with several other friends of hers – we’ve got a good foundation laid.

I would LOVE help from you, my beloved readers!

First of all, if you’d like to help her out (because she’s a friend, because she’s awesome, because you can identify with her story, because you want to cheer on a good person, because you love women in the sciences, because you love smart chicks, because I asked you nicely, or for whatever reason you can come up with!)… please follow any and all of the accounts we’ve set up to support her:

… and then spread the word. Share those links, share a link to this blog entry… we just basically want to rally behind and support her in any way we can.

She goes into sequester with the rest of the cast today, voting starts tomorrow, a live stream from the “Glass House” starts on Monday, and then the show starts airing a week from Monday. It sounds like there will be many opportunities to vote throughout, and we will be keeping people up to date on those votes from the accounts listed above.

Oh, and if you need another reason to vote for her?

Unlike the other replies of “Move to Panama so I can play online poker” or “throw a big party”, Stephanie intends to self finance her way through a Ph.D if she should win the $250,000. How awesome is that?

Good luck, Stephanie! We’re all rooting for you!

6 thoughts on “Triumph After Tragedy … and Helping a Friend

  1. Go Steph, i will be voting and telling all my friends to do the same! I am from Carlinville Il. I am a friend of the Link family. My daughter went to school with John.I also proudly gave Tim,Steven and John their first haircuts. Elaine and I always called it cowlick city!!! enjoy your adventure!!!!!

  2. It may be revealed that Stephanie has a pi symbol tattooed on her left shoulder blade in memory of Tim’s birthday which is March 14 or 3-14 …. pi day. Our whole family went in together to get pi sign tattoos.

  3. Wow! This story is truly inspiring. Stephanie was my least favorite female character on the show prior to learning so much about the person you so eloquently wrote about. I could fall in love with a woman like that. Best of fortune, Steph!

  4. Stephanie has been in my favorites vote since the start. And that’s just based on her perky personality. Her story is sad but inspiring, I will being continuing my support for her in the glass house.

    Welcome to the age of the nerd.

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