Spandex Simplified: Synchro Swimwear – New Book Release!

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Synchro Swimwear Sewing Manual

Spandex Simplified: Synchro Swimwear

Well.. this has certainly been a long time coming!

I’m proud to announce the upcoming re-release of my sewing manual, “Spandex Simplified: Synchro Swimwear”! The release date is set for August 30th, 2012.. and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I originally wrote a few spandex-related sewing manuals starting in 2000… and they’ve been sitting around, gathering virtual dust ever since I quit sewing and pulled them from the market a few years later. The new versions are sleek and very professional, an amazing transformation from my “substance over style” self published manuals back then.

Very much looking forward to this!

Order your copy through!

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