Caturday – Tweak in a Wedding Cake

If you attended the Twin City Bridal Association Wedding Fair.. oh, early 2008, if I recall correctly… you might remember our ridiculous 10 foot tall cake!

It was actually a fake cake, and it was retired immediately after the show. I mean, what further use would we have for a 10 foot tall, neon green fake cake, right? So, we brought it home (NO room for it in our commercial kitchen!) and stuck it in the corner of our home office till we could figure out a use for it, or repurpose the foam.

It been sitting there for month, completely ignored… until one of our cats “adopted” it. Our adorable then-kitten, Tweak, had decided that the 10 foot tall (!!!) fake wedding cake was about the coolest bed he could ever have. Once he made this discovery, we repeatedly found him up in one of the separators, taking a nap.

Too cute not to share pics! Great timing, too – we’ll be helping our friends Carrie and Otha celebrate their wedding tomorrow!

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