A Special Geeky Wedding Cake

Let me preface this with a reminder that I am NOT doing wedding cakes – or any other cakes – for order anymore. I burnt out, there is no amount of money that could convince me to take an order.

Carrie and Otha get a very, VERY rare exemption to that rule, however. They’re good friends, and this weekend I made their wedding cake. Carrie and Otha aren’t traditionalists (unless we’re talking certain aspects of geekery!), and their cake would need to reflect that. At a quick, casual design session, it was decided that I would be making a Transformers themed cake for them.

As an accomplished comic book artist, Otha was VERY detailed in drawing up reference sketches for the fondant Optimus Prime that would be down on one knee atop the cake. Rather than holding out a ring box, he would be holding up a Matrix of Leadership. Awesome, right?

I was SO nervous! The sketches were so detailed, I was worried that I would never be able to live up to expectations.

As we hadn’t even discussed what the main cake would look like, I wanted to surprise them with something more detailed than whatever they were picturing – probably a sheet cake. (Seriously, the focus was ALL on Optimus Prime). What, though? I don’t know anything about Transformers! I saw the recent-ish movies, but all I really remember from either was Leonard Nemoy having a Spock quote as a line in… the second one?

Luckily, I have friends of every conceivable flavor of geekdom. I polled some friends who are fans of the old-school Transformers cartoon series. So glad I did – I was thinking “Well, the AllSpark thing was a cube, I could just do that…”. I was given the very sage advice of:


Good enough! We settled on a base dome shaped cake representing Cybertron. Well, half of Cybertron, anyway. Source material photos online showed that this could be extremely complicated… but hey, any excuse to whip out the edible metallic airbrush spray, right?

Whew. The whole time I made it, I was worried that my Cybertron would not be recognizable as such, or that I was making a wrong version, or… I don’t know. It’s stressful to make cake for people that I actually know! Beyond Cybertron, I also made “metallic” gold fondant roses to surround Cybertron, both to cheekily “wedding-it-up” a bit… and, again, metallic airbrush. What can I say, I must have been a magpie in a former life!

I guess I didn’t need to worry – the cake went over incredibly well, both inside and out. I had to let out a huge sigh of relief when Otha IMMEDIATELY commented on the cake being Cybertron.

The cake was cut, and both bride and groom went straight for the peppermint flavored fondant as their first bites. I’m pretty sure that I’m the only caker I know, who has people get like that over their fondant. People were diving into the fondant all around me, and going back to claim fondant roses as well! (Want my fondant recipe? It’s included in my cookbook, “Evil Cake Overlord“)

Inside all of that were layers of moist vanilla bean cake with chocolate-peppermint Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Yum! Looked great, tasted great, AND I got to say that I was giving them a wedding gift that money couldn’t buy!

Congrats again, Carrie and Otha!

6 thoughts on “A Special Geeky Wedding Cake

  1. Fondant is not cake-making, forever and always. It’s sugary polymer clay or something. I’ve seen amazingly well-decorated cakes, and they don’t use sheets of sugar-rubber.

  2. Yes, Greg, I’m interested to see how your work stacks up against this – um, “sugar rubber?” (which happens to be beautifully executed). Any professional cake artist and pastry educator will tell you that, yes, fondant-work is a significant component of professional cake art.

    Meantime, we’ll just wait for that link.

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