Dear The Bloggess

(Mrs Blogess? Jenny. Can I call you Jenny?)

Hi! Not sure if you remember me or not, but you may remember this photo of Nathan Fillion holding Twine. I Photoshopped this up for you… oh, forever ago. Truth be told, I kinda forgot about it, till I saw what happened this afternoon. That… kinda sucked. I feel your pain!

You see, you and I? We have a lot in common! Like many of your fans, I discovered you through Beyonce… because no less than a dozen of my friends emailed/tweeted/messaged the link to me, saying that it sounds like something my husband and I would do. They were right! (I should probably blog about our epic passive aggressive toilet paper war sometime…)

Like you, I’m a blogger. (I say, from my blog. Genius, I am!). I have a much smaller following than you, but I feel like we reach the same sort of ridiculously cool people, who can appreciate our weirdness. My readers are AWESOME.

Somehow, I’ve managed to get on a list, and receive some… err, interesting PR pitches, myself. No offers of celebrity photos yet, but I HAVE been in the position to respond to a pitch with “Is that a typo, or is this cookbook ACTUALLY going to teach me how to make whale vomit?” Oh, the pitches…!

Like you, I have an awesome photo of Wil Wheaton ->

Wil Wheaton… with a TARDIS cake. Not just any TARDIS cake, but my own TARDIS cake! (I liked the photo so much, I put it in the 2nd edition of Evil Cake Overlord, one of my cookbooks… with his permission, of course!)

Crap. He’s wearing a REDDIT shirt. Sorry about that… I swear I’ll make it up to you before this post is finished!.

Oh, and there was this time that I thought it would be awesome to make William Shatner a cake, when he came to town. My own fans got right on it, tweeting… someone started up a Facebook page to campaign… and then I got slapped down by a really rude tour PR dude. Man, he needed to get over himself, but hey… I can relate.

Anyway, enough about me …

You sound like you are having a pretty crappy week. I can relate (See? KINDRED SOULS, I tell you!)… so let’s cheer each other up. I have a request for you!

I would love a photo of you, holding one of my cakes. I can even make it easy on you – I’d love to MAKE you a cake*, when you come to visit Minneapolis next week! Forget twine, you could have your very own cake by an honest-to-God OVERLORD** of cake… and the current reigning Czar of Cakes.

I mean really, how many times are you going to get THAT kind of offer in your lifetime?

If you’re up for it, have your people call my people. Or, you know, shoot me an email, or tweet me.

Either way, chin up! You’re headed to TORONTO! I am kinda jealous. Did you know they have the best mustard in the WORLD in Toronto? No? Well, now you do! (I miss it!)

* Just FYI: I don’t even make cake anymore, so I’d be making a huge exception… but hey, I like you!)

** Seriously, it’s my official professional designation, and even get industry mail addressed to me as such! Muahahaha!

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