Decision 2012: Unplugged!

I know, I know – we’re all suffering from election burnout at this point. I promise that this post – and project – will be at least marginally more entertaining than most of what’s out there.

Two years ago, my husband and I were becoming increasingly frustrated with weeding through all of the political ads, news, propaganda, etc. Not only was it hard to figure out what everyone stood for, it was hard to know anything about them as people. Many seemed to have been reduced to cartoonish characters, etc. How were we supposed to decide?

You see, neither one of us is a “party” voter. Each race, for us, is decided based on the individual, NOT the affiliation. This, of course, makes the decision even more difficult. In addition to all of that, we were blown away with how many people were on our local ballot, many of whom we’ve never heard of. It’s great that some are able to afford big campaigns, but how do we vote for someone who gets NO face time?

So, we had an idea. Why don’t we come up with a list of questions we want answered – some political, some not – to help us decide WHO each politician is, what they stand for, and where they sit on our political spectrum. Neither party affiliation nor budget has any effect on this, this is solely based on personality, goals, beliefs, etc.

So, we sent an email questionnaire out to everyone on our then-local ballot – for the major categories. By the next morning, many of our friends expressed interest in what we were doing, as we received interesting replies from a handful of those emailed. We were asked to post the results, so that our information could help our friends decide. We kept it anonymous – that blog is still up, and can be access here.

We were surprised at the responses – it actually changed our vote for a couple of positions! The responses varied from thoughtful, to very “pageant” type responses, to “batshit crazy”. It was pretty spectacular! It was also a lot of fun to read the together, discussing the issues and answers.

Two years later, an election looming, and a SLIGHT chance that I may actually be able to vote this time. Yesterday, we decided to do it again, and I sent the emails out to everyone on our local (non-judicial) ballot.

So far, we’ve had one response, but are eagerly awaiting more. By popular request, we have decided to post the responses here, on this blog. They’ll be posted as a separate page, here , as to not clog up the main feed.

Responses will be added as they come in, and will be posted verbatim – with NO editing for content, spelling, grammar, etc. There will be no paraphrasing, as the whole point of our initial email was to receive genuine responses from the candidates, in their own voices. We will pass these along to you, without commentary.

We hope you enjoy the posts! It was fascinating to see the responses we got last time, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what the current crop of candidates has to say!

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