New Weekly Feature: Eurodance Mondays

As you may know by now, I am completely obsessed with Eurodance music – particularly 90s Euro. I can get pretty “Rainman” about it, as I know all sorts of info on various groups, release dates, songs, etc. The TON of random (very random) phrases that I know in various languages? Yup, all courtesy of my fondness for Eurodance.

I could rant for hours about what I love about it. There’s the association aspect (Reminds me of my skating days), there’s the uplifting aspect of the music itself, and then there are the lyrics. Eurodance lyrics are usually about one of four things: Love, partying/having a good time, overcoming odds/pushing through/triumph, and celebration of differences. All great stuff – I love the positivity, and can honestly say that I’ve lived a better life because of its infusion of Euro. Eurodance has gotten me through some dark times, rough situations… even the tornado, earning a big mention in Twisted: A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir over it.

Anyway, that brings me to our new weekly blog feature – Eurodance Mondays!

I’ve recently gotten in the habit of sharing an inspirational, uplifting Eurodance video with a friend – a different video every morning. The goal has always been to bring a smile to HER face, but I can’t help but also be uplifted, just in choosing (and, of course, watching!) the daily videos. Euro is just such a wonderful way to start the day!

Given how many people seem to have a hard time with Mondays… Well, my “cheer a friend up” idea morphed into a “Let’s do a weekly blog feature!” idea. From here on out (or at least until I fall out of the habit!), I’m going to post an uplifting, positive Eurodance video every Monday morning, first thing. Maybe that little bit of energy / positivity will help others start their week off on a happier note, also?

For our very first “Eurodance Monday”, I’d like to share 2 Brothers on the Fourth Floor’s “Dreams (Will Come Alive)”. I have loved this song ever since it came out in ’94, and it has the bonus of an adorable music video. Mini versions of the singers, AND a Delorean? Awesome.

Dreams was one of my daily video posts last week, and I was moved to look up the group and see what they’re up to. I tweeted at the main singer, Desray… just a quick message to thank her for her wonderful music, and let her know that it still brings me joy to this day.

She responded. Not gonna lie, it kinda made my day.

So, here we are, almost 20 years after the song was released. If you already know it, I hope it brings back some great memories. If this is your first time, I hope it makes you smile, and yes – helps start the week off right for you, too!

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1 thought on “New Weekly Feature: Eurodance Mondays

  1. Thank you so much!
    Nice to know that you are still enjoying our music.

    I think most important is that Rene (D-rock) and me love to perform together.
    And we still love to make fun on stage.

    Again, thank you for your blog!
    I will post it on my Facebook also. Proud!

    Have a nice day and week 🙂
    Lots of love Desray.
    @desrayNL (twitter)

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