Feel it in the Air – Eurodance Mondays

Having spent the past two weekends pickling WAY more produce than anyone has any business to be at… I figured I should pick something thematic for today’s “Eurodance Monday”. After all, the rest of this week’s blog entries will be “Pickle Week” here at Celebration Generation, why not get some great mood music to kick it off?

Amazingly – to the best of my ridiculous knowledge of Euro – there are no Eurodance songs about pickling, or pickles. I guess I could always share Las Ketchup’s “The Ketchup Song (Asereje)“, but 1. Not sure it qualifies as Euro, and 2… eh, ketchup’s a bit of a stretch…

So I decided we should go with Joee’s “Feel it in the Air”. You know, autumn. Feel autumn in the air, start up with the canning…? Yeah, probably not how he intended it, but hey, my blog, my rules.. right? 🙂

Arbitrary interpretation of the lyrics aside… I love this song. Ever have since first hearing it on MuchMusic (I was a teenaged Electric Circus junkie!) back in the late 90s / early 2000. Joee’s a Canadian Euro artist, and had a string of hits back in the day – but “Feel it in the Air” is probably my favorite.


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