Roasted Beet Green Chips

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Roasted Beet Green Chips!

Remember back when I shared my recipe for kale chips, and mentioned that you can use any number of dark, leafy greens for it?

A couple of weekends ago – when I went on my pickled beet making tear – I found myself with the greens from 45 lbs worth of beets, thinking about what a waste it would be to compost them. I decided to see how they worked as chips.

Wonderfully! Not only do these Roasted Beet Green Chips taste great, they’re really pretty! The beet greens roast up in various shades of greens and browns. With the prominent red veining, they look like autumn leaves – probably tasting better than crunchy dead tree leaves, though!

One thing to note about making roasted beet green chips: You may think you have a ton of beet greens, but they dry down to very dainty little pieces of chips. You can eat an entire bunch of beet greens without thinking about it – so make more than you think you’ll need!

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Roasted Beet Greens Chips

Roasted Beet Green Chips

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