Caturday, Halloween Edition (We are Horrible People!)

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It’s been a while since we’ve posted a Caturday entry. What better time to restart, than the present?

Of course, with it being Halloween season, the answer to “What theme should we go for?” came pretty easily. Pose them with pumpkins? Nah… dig out the costumes we bought for them a few years ago!

Oh, we are awful people.

I had originally planned to get get a good portrait or two of each of our four babies (Turbo, Tweak, Jame and Rat)… but there was just too much cuteness to not share. Tweakie worming his way out of his bumblebee costume, then later coming to the rescue when Rat was subjected to the same… and trying to help her out of it with the help of Turbo! Awwww…

Contrary to what the looks on their faces say, no cats – or humans – were harmed in the production of this blog entry. Also, no one peed in our bed or otherwise sought revenge for the costume humiliation.

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