Vampires Are Alive – Eurodance Mondays

For a Halloween installment of Eurodance Mondays, I have an EPIC music video to share with you: Vampires are Alive, by DJ Bobo.

I love DJ Bobo, and have ever since his music made it across the pond in the earlyish 90s. Love the music, love the dancing, and love… well, the effort he puts into it. This is an artist who does NOT half-ass his performances – something that definitely shows in today’s video:

… I’ve seen feature length movies with less costuming, attention to detail, and passion put into them!

The song was an entry in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, and managed to inspire one of the Swiss political parties to petition against DJ Bobo on account of suspected Satanism. Yes. DJ BOBO. The man who brought us Love is All Around, Freedom, and … Chihuahua.

I guess there are insane political parties EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, here’s the Eurovision performance of it, again, with amazing attention to detail. (PS: I wish we had Eurovision. What an amazing event! I was so shocked to meet a local blogger – Samantha – who blogs all about Eurovision… and ATTENDS! So jealous! Check her out at ESC Insider.)

Happy Halloween!

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