Take Your Chance – Eurodance Mondays

Today we woke up exhausted, as my husband had forgotten to change our alarm clock this weekend. Whoops!

Good thing it’s Eurodance Monday! Today, I’m feauturing a song that is extra upbeat, positive, and .. encouraging… as I feel like that’s exactly what I need after accidently waking up at 5am!

Fun Factory was a German Eurodance group in the 1990s, best known for their 1993 hit “Close to You. “Take Your Chance” may not have charted as high – or at ALL in the USA – but it’s always been my fav song from them:

Fun fact(ory?): The lead singer here, Marie-Anett Mey … started her career as one half of “Darkness”… who I featured on a Eurodance Monday 2 weeks ago. Yep, they look like different people… as Darkness was engaging in the Eurodance tradition of having one person sing… and a completely other one be the image for that voice.

Have a great week!

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