Traditional Raspberry Mousse

The holiday season may be over, but some of us aren’t ready to forfeit our sweet tooth to the new years resolutions just yet!

This mousse is light, airy, fruity… and feels a little celebratory. Great for entertaining, special occasions (Valentine’s Day!)… or any day, really.

Also, this recipe isn’t horrible as far as desserts go. It’s not a TON of sugar, it’s gluten free… it has fruit, dairy, and hey, the eggs count as protein, right?

Good enough!

This recipe is for a traditional mousse, which utilizes fresh, raw egg whites. While this is perfectly safe for the vast majority of the population, pregnant women, the elderly, and immune compromised individuals may want to opt out of this recipe

Traditional Raspberry Mousse

1 cup Raspberry puree *
1/3 cup Sugar
3 tsp Unflavored gelatin powder
1/3 cup water **
2 Large egg whites
1 cup Heavy cream

Combine raspberry puree and sugar together in a large bowl, set aside.

In a small bowl, sprinkle gelatin over water and allow to soak for 5 minutes. Transfer bowl to microwave, heat in 10 second increments until gelatin dissolves into the liqueur. Pour into fruit puree mixture, stir until well incorporated, then set aside while preparing the rest of the ingredients.

In a separate bowl (stand mixer, ideally!), whip egg whites until stiff peaks form. Carefully fold into chilled fruit mixture, stirring until combined.

Whip cream until stiff peaks form, then carefully fold in to the fruit mixture, stirring until combined. Pour into 6-8 serving glasses, chill until set, about 2 hours.

* If you have access to pre made fruit puree, that is easiest.

** Feel free to substitute a non-cream liqueur of choice for all or part of the water. This mousse is particularly great with Cambord or Cointreau in place of the water.

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