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Did you know that my business/blog name came from the catch phrase of a famous rave DJ?

If you’re a Canadian of roughly my age (plus or minus ~5-10 years), you’re probably well aware of who Chris Sheppard is, but for those who aren’t… Shep was really big in the 80s and 90s, first as an underground rave DJ, then with his “Pirate Radio” late night show and line of CDs. Aside from the music, he was really well known for his over the top personality, and myriad catch phrases – all in a CRAAAAAAAZAAAY English accent. He was a member of BKS (Bekker, Kavanagh, Sheppard), producing such hits as Living in Ecstasy, Dreamcatcher, I’m in Love with You, and Astroplane.

To me, “Living in Ecstasy” is the quintessential early 90s dance track, and brings up so many memories for me. Discovering Shep’s music back then… oh, man. All of the kids I went to school with were into crap like NKOTB, and I LOVED me some Techno. Chris Sheppard was like a musical savior to me, growing up in pre-internet Winnipeg!

He eventually went more mainstream, founding Love Inc, and seeing more popularity worldwide.

When the time came to name my business, I was listening to my old BKS “Astroplane” album, and trying to brainstorm. Euro helps me think, damnit.

Anyway, at one point during their (AMAZING!) cover of The Grid’s “Swamp Thing“, Shep yelled out “CELEBRATION GENERATION… YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!”. “The Celebration Generation” was the name Sheppard had given his following, and at that moment, all I could think was “You know what? Yes. I do!”… and Celebration Generation was born!

I digress.

Love Inc’s “Superstar” is a great way to start the week off. I know that not everyone has the most energy, or the most … well, anything… first thing on a Monday morning… and I find that this is a great, feel good song. Puts me in a great mood to start the week off right!

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