Take Me Up – Eurodance Mondays

Another Monday, another Eurodance song to start the week off right!

My introduction to this song was such that I’m actually surprised that I’m still so in love with it, after so many years!

It was my favorite song on a mix tape that an ex made for me, back in.. oh, probably 1996. Given how weird my taste in music was, compared to the norm… I’d been blown away that he knew me well enough to pick out a song I’d never heard, but would ADORE to the degree I did – and still do. The song became very much associated with him / my time with him.

… then, it turned out he was a complete nutjob. I mean, he truly believed that the reason he wasn’t so big on showing emotion was because – Ooh boy, this never gets easier to type out – that there was actually so much power and emotion in his heart, that he had realized at a young age – For the good of the planet, no less! –

… that he had to telekinetically enclose his heart in a block of ice. FOR THE GOOD OF THE PLANET! Yes. He believed that he had literally created a frozen block of water around his heart, in his chest… Um. Yeah. He also believed that he could turn himself invisible, and that CSIS was after him… yeah, that relationship was doomed from the start.

As heavy as that experience was on my then 16-17 year old, hyper-literal aspie self, now I’m able to completely laugh it off…. good thing, too – I’d really, seriously be missing out, if I’d let that insanity taint my enjoyment of this song.

This song serves so many purposes for me… I use it to pump me up before events – competitions, whatever. I use it as my little victory dance, when something awesome happens. It can pull me out of a bad mood, and it can create inspiration and drive when there is none… all great qualities for a Euro song to start the week off with!

Have a great one…. Alrabaiye!

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