Color of my Dreams – Eurodance Mondays

So, this song isn’t Euro in the *strictest* definition – BG The Prince of Rap was actually American. Whatever… origin aside, this is a Eurodance classic!

I remember seeing this song performed live on Electric Circus, back in the day. All of the singers and dancers were clad in “Winter” camo club outfits – a dress, a mini skirt, etc – A look that I thought was super cute at the time. Not too proud to admit that it did inspire me to go to a rave in Winter camo pants, a somewhat sheer black turtleneck bodysuit, and a black pushup bra underneath…

Oh.. this song brings me back to the good old days! During the year I spent at a vocational high school (fashion design)… I’d guess that 1/3 of my wardrobe consisted of some sort of clubby clothing, which I’d wear as everyday gear. Black PVC skirt with blue spandex bodysuit, replete with a smily face on the chest? Yup. Bright orange, PVC A line dress with a big chunky metal zipper up the front? Yup.

Songs like this make me really miss the pre-fat days of my youth!

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