Happy Anniversary, Yankee!

Seven years ago today, I married the coolest guy on the planet.

At the time, pretty much nobody knew about it – we had been planning a big, “proper” wedding for August.

Well, then I had to see a doctor here in America to get my thyroid checked up on, and the bill came in – $500! WHAAAAAAAAAT?!

It was definitely a shock to someone who’d taken universal healthcare for granted all her life, so we immediately decided to have a very private, secret, quickie wedding to get me insured in the meantime.

First, we were going to have it at the courthouse. Then, Porter decided to suggest that we have it on my absolute favorite day of the year – St Patrick’s Day. (Irish-Canadian here, so … HELL YES!).

Well, then things snowballed. It went from “Jeans and t shirts at the courthouse” to “We should at least have it at a chapel of some sort”, to “We should dress for the occasion”, to me rushing to throw together a wedding gown (hand painted, but out of cheapo cotton! LOL!).

Well, if I was wearing a gown, we should get personal flowers together (I made them from cheapo silk flowers), and our witness should be dressed up too (So I made her a green gown with a subtle shamrock pattern woven in!), and then SHE should have a bouquet too … it was all very “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”.

We giggled and crossed our eyes at each other through the whole ceremony, and then we were married. The Claddagh ring I put on him at our quickie wedding served as an “engagement ring” for the months to follow, as no one knew we were married.

… and here we are, 7 years, a tornado, and many crazy adventures later. I haven’t actually looked at these (crappy point-and-shoot camera!) photos in a few years. Can’t believe how different – how YOUNG we look.

Can’t wait to look back on photos from our life together, when we’re 80 and yelling for kids to get off our lawn. Together.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Yankee!

  1. Awww, I love your dress and the flowers, Marie. And the rings look so cool! My husband and I also were going to have a regular wedding, but then we eloped and we organized our wedding in 6 days. It turned out great and we just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary February 10th. =0)

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