Get Ready For This – Eurodance Mondays

Happy Monday!

Today, I’m starting my week off with the quintessential inspirational Eurodance song – Get Ready for This.

I have a long history of loving this song, way back since shortly after it was released in 1991. It was the first cassette single I ever purchased, and was always a great song to work out to – especially at skating practice. If I was feeling a bit “meh”, it was a great way to summon up some energy and drive.

Today, it’s the same thing. If I need to get some instant inspiration and drive, I load up this song.

The funny thing? Pandora seems to have a bizarre, techno-psychic ability to know when I’m loading up my eurodance channel to get ready for something stressful – and on those occasions, it ALWAYS starts out with this song! Creepy, but awesome.

Have a great week!

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