Overload – Eurodance Mondays

Bizarre. I am apparently incapable of spelling “Overload” – it always comes out “Overlord”. Career hazard, I suppose?

So, once again.. this one’s not technically “eurodance” in the strictest sense, but.. well, it’s German, and it’s Electronic DANCE Music, so… good enough. It’s just too fabulous a song – and fits just TOO well with my reality, at times – not to use as a “Eurodance Monday”. If there was ever a more perfect theme song for Type-A Aspies (such as myself!)… I’ve certainly never come across it.

Also, what a great video. I watch this, and I have to wonder how much fun she and the crew had making it. Awesome!

Have a great (hopefully not ‘overloaded’!) week!

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