Do What’s Good for Me – Eurodance Mondays

As you know by now, I love me some 2 Unlimited. Before they started screwing with their lineup, I had every one of the albums (Cassettes! LOL), and many of their singles – which I purchased religiously, and many of which got worn out from obsessively repeated play!

If memory serves, this one was one of two new songs on their “Hits Unlimited” album, along with “Jump for Joy” (ie: the best song ever!). That was the last album before they got rid of Anita and Ray, dubbed two new chicks “2 Unlimited, and then just got weird with it, and 2 Unlimited ceased to exist, in my eyes.


Love the crazy graphics, love the costuming… this one really takes me back. A great anthem of empowerment, IMHO. Great way to start the week!

Have a good one!

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