I Like It – Eurodance Monday

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life… when there is music playing that is SO suited to whatever is going on, that it seems like something out of a movie? That life is providing this perfect soundtrack for you?

I had one of those experiences shortly after landing in LA for my MasterChef adventure. Not really Eurodance, but hey.. it’s dancey, and fits in with my “MasterChef” theme this month!

We’d just arrived at the airport – myself and a few people who were ALMOST complete strangers, for the most part. I hadn’t really given a ton of conscious thought to what LA would be like … but when I arrived, I realized that reality was not matching up with what my subconscious had apparently had in mind.

Things were so grey! The airport was kinda dowdy, the people weren’t smiling… I guess I’d been picturing sunshine, colour, beautiful people everywhere. I don’t know if it was just the terminal that our flight landed in or what, but this looked like any other airport (just maybe a bit more “blah” than most!). The weather outside was blah and grey, and I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Things just didn’t seem as exotic as I’d expected!

So anyway, we get on the hotel shuttle and head off. The driver turned on the music, and it was Enrique Iglesias’ “I Like It”. I hadn’t heard the song for a while, at that point… I don’t know, it was kind of a surreal moment. Like the grey sort of faded, the exhaustion from a long day of travel sort of fell to the side, and here was the universe kind of pumping us up for what was to come, you know?

It actually reminded me of another such experience, almost two decades before. I was on a precision (synchronized, now) figure skating team, and we’d just made the long drive to a competition in the US… Minot, Brainerd, Bloomington – I don’t remember, but it was a LONG bus ride for us, at the end of a school day in Winnipeg!

So we pulled up to the hotel and the coaches go in to get us registered. Someone turned on the radio, and Bryan Adam’s “Summer of 69” came on. Same refreshing, energizing, soul-perking up experience.

Not only was “I Like it” perfect for the moment in its own right, bringing up that memory – from an earlier competition experience away from home – was just so well timed and NEEDED… it really stuck in my mind. Much like the skating competition memory still comes to mind even 20 years later, I’m sure I’ll be remembering my LA shuttle ride experience 20 years from now. It seems like such a silly thing to really hit me, from the whole experience.. but it was perfect.

… and now, as I type up this blog entry, I remember that the video for the song featured Jersey Shore. Given the circumstances that Inspired me to go down this road in the first place… man, I love the irony! The universe seems to have quite the sense of humour sometimes!

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