Lucky (In My Life) – Eurodance Monday

Well, here we are… just a couple days away from the Masterchef premiere. It’s been a bizarre – and kind of amazing – few months, leading up to this point.

It’s crunch time! As I plan the final details for my own viewing party, the invites and plans are flying for many other such parties across the country. New clips of the show are being made available online, and I’ve been screen capturing like a madwoman … posting, and tagging for the group.

It’s been great to see more of their faces in these new show clips, for the most part… but the clips are also presenting/reinforcing the harsh reality that some of our new friends were not necessarily treated the best during their time on air. It’s hard to watch. On the upside, we have a very caring and supportive group, and I know most of us will be there for each other, whatever happens on Wednesday night.

I’m still amazed at how different things have been, compared to what I was thinking when going into this. How my priorities have changed… and how far off the mark I was about the idea of being surrounded by PEOPLE. Going in to this, I thought that if I could get along with my roomie, that’s about the best I could ask for. I didn’t think we’d have much chance to get to know anyone, based on what I knew of the show logistics… and I thought of that as a good thing.

… never in a million years would I have guessed that I’d walk out of the experience with a ton of new FRIENDS. *Definitely* never would have guessed that many of us would come to see each other as new extended family members. (Extremely nutty new family, in many cases!)

Guys, it’s been an honor and a pleasure getting to know you over these past few months. With the premiere just a few days away, I’m dedicating today’s Eurodance Monday pick to YOU!

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