Lots of Book News – A Release, Preorders, AND a Clearance Sale!

The last few weeks have been a crazy flurry of activity, between everything related to being on MasterChef, the second anniversary of the tornado that smashed our house, setting up to get back into Spandex Costuming and Custom Cosplay (to help pay down tornado debt, now that I did NOT win $250k on MasterChef!), and making a mad dash to finish our Weeping Angel costumes in time for a convention.

Actually, on that last subject, let me share a couple photos … they turned out SO well!

Photos courtesy of Ben Huset

… there will be a Weeping Angel costuming tutorial coming, later this week!


Today is the release date of the second edition of The Spirited Baker!

As you may recall from way back when, The Spirited Baker is my first cookbook, and is all about desserts flavored with liqueurs and spirits. This new edition is perfect bound, features some new recipes, a ton of new photos, and is now in full color! These same updates were recently applied to my second cookbook, Evil Cake Overlord, released last month.

No worries about having these new editions rendered obsolete by any coming editions, as there are no plans to issue any FURTHER editions. Now they’re full color and set up through Ingram, and all is good!

For more information on “The Spirited Baker: Intoxicating Desserts & Potent Potables, click here, or click the button below to order now! ($19.99, plus shipping.)

Today is also the start of preorders for my next cookbook, Sweet Corn Spectacular!

I can’t believe that the book release for this one is less than a month away – July 1st! This has been my first time dealing with an outside publisher (Minnesota Historical Society Press), and it’s been a great experience. As a mega Type A person who doesn’t necessarily play well with others… I’ve gotta say, I was dreading working with a publisher. The idea of not being in complete control kind of made my skin crawl… but MHS was so amazing to work with, and we’re all really proud of the final product. TONS of great recipes, including an entire chapter on desserts!

Also, it’s really cool to have a team of minions to work with, for the PR stuff. 🙂

For more information on Sweet Corn Spectacular, click here, or click the button below to preorder now! ($16.95, plus shipping.)

Of course, with new editions of books, I find myself with a limited stock of previous editions to sell off.

First of all, we have some copies of the 1st edition of The Spirited Baker available. These are the original plastic comb version, originally $16.99, now on clearance for $9.99.

Secondly, we have 5 copies of the 1st edition of Evil Cake Overlord available. These are the original plastic comb version, originally $16.99, now on clearance for $9.99. Very rare – there was only one small printing of the edition, as we went to perfect bound for the 2nd edition.

I also have 2 copies of the 2nd edition of Evil Cake Overlord available, originally $16.99, now on clearance for $9.99. These are perfect bound, with black and white photography.

Finally, we are having a “Tornado Season” sale on Twisted: A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir, originally $16.99, on sale for $8.50. It is our sincerest hope that our experiences will help others get through the trauma of a tornado… and give others a better understanding of the enormity of the situation.

… also, as always, my “Spandex Simplified” sewing manuals are available at www.spandexsimplified.com

That’s about it for book news today… have a great week!

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