Let’s Talk about Boobs…

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Let’s Talk about Boobs.

When you work in spandex costuming, you end up thinking about boobs a LOT. Not in a crass or creepy way, mind you – just as far as engineering goes. In the interest of showing off some of what I can do, I decided to write this blog post!

When I got my start in spandex costuming, I had my own boobs to deal with. My, um … ample rack.. was at odds with my skating dress styles of choice. I had a tendency to overheat all the time – even in the coldest of ice rinks – so I liked big open backs on my practice dresses. Trust me, at first glance.. This is NOT the best situation for someone who required some pretty hefty bras!

As a matter of my own comfort, I quickly learned how to engineer even the most open backed of skating dresses to allow even very well endowed skaters to comfortably and stylishly go braless – No sagging, no bounce, no black eyes. (LOL!)

As my spandex costuming career evolved, I came across people dealing with problems on the other end of the spectrum. Fitness models and figure competitors tend to like a bit of boob to balance everything out… which can be a problem when they have pretty much NO body fat to speak of.

I love solving problems, and I was soon producing competition stage bikinis that were VERY convincing – many of my clients ended up being asked if they got implants!

I have a couple of examples to share.

First of all, we have a pro wrestler that I used to work with.

At the time of these photos, she was an A cup. Also, not only did she have NO body fat to work with whatsoever, she had very little in the way of excess skin to push up. Making this bikini top made me feel like a miracle worker! (Note: this is no makeup involved with these pics!)

The Magic of Custom Padded Bras

My other example (I seem to have a dearth of “before and after” photos from back in the day!) is a fitness competitor I used to work with. While she was also an A cup, she had a little more skin that we could push up… which makes all the difference in the world!

Here is the bra I made. On the dress form, it looks big, clunky, and almost satirical.

The Magic of Custom Padded Bras

… but when you put the bra on the person, WHOLE OTHER STORY! Custom built for her size, shape, and situation, and the effect is quite natural:

The Magic of Custom Padded Bras

So, there you have it. Whichever end of the spectrum you happen to be on, I’m able to work with you to achieve your goals for whatever spandex garment you may need. Maybe you’re looking to appear more endowed on stage, maybe you’re looking to keep things under control for a competition garment…

… or maybe you’ve just never had a recreational swimsuit that fit well. Whatever the case, contact me when you’re ready to discuss custom design options!

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