Breakfast Corn Muffins Recipe

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I’m on a “blog an amazing recipe suitable for a weekend brunch every Friday” kick recently, and do I EVER have a treat for you today: These are my breakfast corn muffins, from my latest cookbook, “Sweet Corn Spectacular“!

They’re less a “cupcake without icing” muffin, and more of a “entire breakfast in the palm of your hand” kind of muffin – especially with the sausage version – and a great way to make use of the fresh sweet corn that is popping up at farmers markets everywhere. Because corn is such a versatile ingredient, the possibilities for these muffins are endless. (See below for a few suggestions to get you started!)

Not only are these great fresh out of the oven, they make a great make-ahead breakfast for eating on the go for the rest of the week. Enjoy!

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Breakfast Corn Muffins

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  1. 5 stars
    This is the best way to have sweet corn for breakfast. I also freeze them for a handy on the go snack or breakfast. I think I will freeze some for winter hygge.

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