Roasted Corn Salsa for Canning

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Apologies in advance – I have another corn recipe today. What can I say, it’s a short season!

This recipe actually isn’t from my new cookbook, “Sweet Corn Spectacular“, but it’s definite a result of that book. Last week, we had to buy a BIG burlap sack of fresh corn, for our Kare 11 appearance. 4 dozen ears of corn, that we had a day or two to do something with.

Now, my husband may be the World’s Biggest Corn Freak, but two of us tackling 4 dozen ears of corn in a couple days? Not going to happen without involving some preservation!

After discussing some options, we decided to make some salsa. As the corn salsa recipes in the book aren’t suitable for canning, that meant researching things like acid levels, and coming up with a new salsa recipe.

We spent the day preparing, roasting, and cooking our salsa – 3 different batches, with this being the favourite for tomato based versions. It was handy to do it as a two person thing – I’d roast the tomatoes inside, while he grilled all the rest of the vegetables.

At the end of it all, we were left with a ton of the BEST salsa we’ve ever had – it was definitely worth the effort! Yep, I think we’re definitely ruined for store bought salsas, after this

I had considered adding 2-3 tsp of cumin to this, but as my husband isn’t super fond of cumin, I skipped it. If you’d like to use it, add a bit with the sugar and salt, and adjust to taste at the end.


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Roasted Corn Salsa for Canning

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  1. 5 stars
    This recipe is fantastic. After grilling instead of chopping the veg I lightly blended it. Texture was great. Thank you for a great water bath canning recipe, there aren’t enough recipes for corn canning out there!

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