Set the World on Fire – Eurodance Mondays

This month has been absolutely insane! Today’s “Eurodance Monday” entry is a song I’ve had in my head all month, as I’ve been working hard on everything.

“I’m gonna set the world on fire, I’ll do anything to get what I want… aim even higher, I’ll do anything to be the one!”

It’s a good tune to have in mind while slaving away producing 2125 lbs of product for a major retailer (more coming soon!), promoting cooking and sewing manuals, sticking labels on hundreds of bags, blogging, planning an upcoming foray into crowd sourcing (Hint: the biggest request I get is on the way to coming to fruition!), AND writing another sewing manual. WHEW!

Yes, caffeine and E-Type is what gets me through!

Have a great week!

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