Baked Reuben Poppers

Taking a quick break from developing my next cookbook, to write a few quick blog entries. Time to go through a backlog of older recipes and photos!

Back a few years – damn, had to be about 6, now – I made deep fried Reuben rolls for my husband. Think egg rolls, but completely different filling. I’d had the idea after having some “Ham and Swiss” deep fried dough balls at a pub somewhere a few years earlier. With Porter being completely in love with Reubens, it was brilliant!

Several years later, though… being married to a cook/baker is taking its toll, and he’s trying to avoid excess fat and calories. So, I decided to make a baked version of this favourite of his. There’s still a bit of oil involved – it’s necessary to crisp up the wonton wrapper skin – but it’s not *bathed* in oil. So… much better for you, even if it’s still not exactly health food!

Says he: “The Reuben poppers are delicious pockets of yum. Crap, I’m not good with words. I love the crispy texture of the crust with the kraut and beef. I could eat way too many of them!”

Baked Reuben Poppers

Cooking oil or nonstick spray
8 egg roll wrappers
8 oz sauerkraut, well drained
8 oz corned beef deli meat
8 oz Swiss Cheese, grated
Caraway seeds (optional)

Thousand Island dressing, for dipping

Preheat your oven to 375F. Generously grease a baking sheet with cooking oil or spray, set aside.

Lay 1 egg roll wrapper flat on your workspace.

Spread about 1/8 of the corned beef in a single column, diagonally across the middle of the wrapper. Make sure to avoid about 2″ border around the edge of the wrapper.

On top of the corned, layer 1/8 of the sauerkraut, then top with 1/8 of the swiss cheese, again avoiding the border. Sprinkle with caraway seeds, if using.

Fold one corner of the wrapper across the filling layers, pressing down to the other side of the wrapper.

Use a pastry brush and some water to dampen the two side corners. Fold them in to the center, gently pressing excess air out from the filling as you go.

Apply a little water to dampen the remaining corner edges and roll the popper carefully towards that corner, sealing all filling in as you go.

Place your rolls on your well-greased cookie sheet, brush/spray with additional oil on top. Bake for 15 minutes, flip all of the rolls over, and bake for an additional 10-15 minutes.

Serve hot, with Thousand Island dressing for dipping!

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