Smaug the Terrible… I mean, Terribly AWESOME.

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Recently, I was able to follow a crazy idea through to fruition.

As you may know, I’m a big fan of Eurodance music. Several years ago Daisy Dee – one of my favourites – put out a song and video called “Open Sesame” (Click here to see the video). In it, she was wearing this really cool dragon top. At some points, it was animated with CG, but there did appear to be an actual, non-CG top. It’s been there, in the back of my mind for a while… some day, I wanted to make a dragon top.

With recent dabbling in sculpting and casting for costuming, I realized that I’m finally in a position to do it! I decided to make a top inspired by not only that music video, but my favourite dragon – Smaug.

My friend Sylus – who you may recognize as “Legolas” from various photos with my husband’s “Thranduil” agreed to be the model, so I made a casting of her torso for the initial sculpt. Using those measurements and everything, I transferred a basic skeleton onto a big flat surface, and sculpted the dragon. Once that was done, we built a wall around it, and flooded it with plaster, to create our mold.

Once dry, I cast it from latex, waited – and WAITED – and finally pulled the finish latex cast from the mold. It was perfect! I painted it and added loops for the bra straps, and it was done! (For more photos of the whole process, click here!)

Here are a few photos from the photoshoot we did with Sylus – GORGEOUS!

For more photos from the shoot, click here.

Photography by Michael Porter, Celebration Generation LLC, all rights reserved. Feel free to share these by direct link, but please ASK if you would like to use the photos without a direct link here.

Top by me! (Marie Porter, Costumer, on Facebook)

Makeup by Holliedazzle

Posing help from Spilker Brand Cheesecake

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