The Maleficent Costume!

As soon as I saw the first trailers for Maleficent, I knew two things:

1. I NEEDED to make that one gown from it
2. EVERYONE would be making that costume.

SO, I teamed up with my friend Jo (model) and Bill (makeup), and patiently awaited the movie premiere. The movie did not disappoint, and I immediately set about making this beast of a costume!

While it looks like a very simple costume on the surface, it’s a great example of making something complicated look easy. Not only is there a lot of directionality with the “pleats” – something to keep in mind throughout the dress body, sleeves, and the 8 panels of the train! – but the train itself is a feat of engineering.

You see, the dress itself is quite lightweight, and easily wearable. The train is a monster – to be movie accurate meant there would be a LOT of it. In order to make the train itself easy to wear, it’s internally supported, to not exert any drag on the dress itself. You’d never know by looking at it, huh? Jo was amazed at how easy it was to walk around in it!

I made everything you see here, from the headpiece to the ring, to the staff – which started as a wooden dowel! Very proud of this one, had to share the photos from our recent photo shoot:









For more photos from the shoot, click here.

Photography by Michael Porter, Celebration Generation LLC, all rights reserved. Feel free to share these by direct link, but please ASK if you would like to use the photos without a direct link here.

Entire costume by me! (Marie Porter, Costumer, on Facebook)

Makeup by Bill Hedrick

Model is Jo O’Hanley

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