Gluten-Free Sesame Chicken Recipe

Saturday night, my laziness / beat-uppedness (That’s a word now. I say so.) ended up setting in motion the events that would soon result in the development of the BEST sesame chicken I’ve ever had in my whole life.

Chores, taking a friend for her VERY first experience at SR Harris (a local fabric warehouse… overwhelming experience!), writing, and a costumed appearance at a local comic & games store made for a very long day. When I finally got to sit down at the end of it all, my body and brain made a pact: I would NOT be getting up again in the forseeable future.

That made MAKING supper an impossibility. We decided to order in… which comes with its own set of issues, but hey… I didn’t even have to sit up. What I REALLY wanted was sesame chicken, but that wasn’t an option. Even if I could find a place that does it gluten-free, we don’t have anywhere GOOD in delivery range.

So, I “negotiated” with myself. Would settle for pizza, under the understanding that I’d MAKE sesame chicken the following day.

Unfortunately, I managed to wreck myself and my (non gluten-free) husband for all other sesame chicken, in the process. There are NO words for how much better this was, than anything we’ve ever had.

The sweetness and spice levels were perfect, the chicken was high quality and super juicy, and there wasn’t the “I think this may have been sitting for a few hours” texture.

SO good. If you’re a fan of sesame chicken, you need to make this ASAP. If you’re not GF yourself, you CAN substitute 1 1/2 cups of all purpose flour for the flours and corn starch in this recipe… but you’ll miss out on the flavour and texture.

As my husband posted on Facebook:

“This is amazing sesame chicken. Seriously, the best I’ve had. Absolutely delicious! Oh yeah, it’s gluten-free, but whatever. By that I mean that I have no real need to be gluten free, but this is amazing whether you are gluten-free or not!”

In particular – beyond the ridiculous sauce – he loved the crispiness of the batter, saying that it was crisp , but not crumbly, and stuck well to the chicken.


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Gluten Free Sesame Chicken

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6 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Sesame Chicken Recipe

  1. THANK YOU! This is by far the closest thing I’ve had to carry out chinese since going gf a few years back. If there’s one thing I’ve missed like crazy, this is it! I can’t wait to make it again! The only deviations we made from this perfect recipe were as follows — neither my girlfriend or I are fans of ginger so we omitted that. For the flour, I had a bag of Bob’s Red Mill on hand which conveniently contained both garbanzo and rice flours. Texture was exactly what I remember of my favorite Chinese joint prior to going gluten-free.

  2. 5 stars
    Sesame chicken is one of my favorites, this is a great recipe where you won’t miss the gluten. This is one of those cravings where you need that flavor and texture to satisfy, and this delivers.

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