Roasted Beet Ketchup Recipe

I’m back from my recent vacation to my hometown (Winnipeg). It had been 4 years since I’ve set foot on Canadian soil, and I had a wonderful time. Because we were specifically visiting for Folklorama, we pretty much ate the entire time. No joke.

Now, I am refreshed, inspired, and ready to go! Expect at LEAST a good handful of ethnic recipes to pop up on this blog over the next while, as I come up with time to develop them.

Today’s recipe is one that was inspired at the Indian pavilion. There was a beet ketchup available for sale, and my husband JUMPED on it. He’s an avid hater of tomatoes. While he’s ok with tomatoes in ketchup, he’d just as soon never have to eat tomatoes of any kind. As he also adores beets in general, the idea was GOLD to him. So, he bought a bottle.

It tasted good, but was very thin and not really ketchup-y. Also, it didn’t really taste like they’d been roasted, and I pictured roasted beets making a better ketchup. So, I developed this recipe this weekend, using my awesome Pickled Beets Recipe for inspiration on the seasoning!

If you like beets, you’ll love this. Even if you like normal ketchup and have no issues with beets, you’ll enjoy this as a fun alternative. It satisfies the “creamy but acidic” thing you want from ketchup, is casual and fun while still being earthy, rich, and fancy. SO good!


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7 thoughts on “Roasted Beet Ketchup Recipe

  1. This sounds really good. I am going to try this recipe and get back to you on my results. I am going to have to make a few changes as there are a few things I can’t have but have substitutes I can use. All the spices are find – but have issues with sugar and may have to cut back on some of the vinegar. I will post my adaptations and will make this over the weekend. Yep, am aware its Monday – but have a very busy week planned and want to make sure I have time to dedicate to cooking.

    1. If you cut back on the vinegar you might not end up with ketchup, vinegar is what makes ketchup ketchup. We make this at work and now I am trying to use gold beets to make a mustard.

  2. Marie, I’m onto my first harvest of beets right now, both the red beets and the Chioggia beets. A friend came over this morning and while we pickled the red beets, we roasted the Chioggia beets for your roasted beet ketchup — just in time for the Fourth of July, too. I’ve been wanting to add beet ketchup to my beet repertoire. Your recipe is truly something to put on one’s list of reasons to live for. Also using garlic and onions fresh from the ground, the ketchup eagerly awaits my new love for kale chips fresh from the oven. So happy to hear you’re from Canada but live in Minneapolis. I hope you can come out for a visit!

  3. Can you use a hot water bath to can the ketchup? How long will it last in fridge? I substituted scant amount of black strap molasses for the sugar. It’s great!

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