Smaug Costume!

Going to keep this short and sweet: I’ve finished the costume that I’ve basically been keeping secret for the past month or so!

A little while ago, I decided that I wanted something really epic to wear to the premiere of Battle of the Five Armies. Something new, something DIFFERENT… I’d go as Smaug! I hadn’t seen any really good Smaug costumes, just like.. human versions. I wanted to do an actual dragon costume for it. I thought it out for a bit, and came up with a cool idea of how to do it:

… and just went from there. I am SUPER happy with the results.. just look at this face!

… and these feet!

Aside from being the most insane costume build I’ve ever done – it features a crazy mask/head, custom shoes, 14′ wing span, and 8.5′ long tail! – it’s been scary for another reason – spandex. All of my other costumes cover as much as possible, this… was something else. Spandex was the best way to do it, but I’m… uh.. not small.

… but hey, neither is Smaug! Slow and fat in his dotage, right? 🙂

I almost chickened out on actually wearing it a few times, but I’m proud to say that it made its debut at a convention this past weekend, and went over really well! Check out some of the final pics:

To see photos of the whole process, Click here to go to my Facebook page album for it!

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