Dragon Bodice – A Giveaway!

If you’re in the Tolkien fandom, you’ve NO DOUBT heard about The One Last Party, hosted by TheOneRing.net. It’s to be the final in their series of crowd funded parties to celebrate the LOTR and Hobbit movies.

Well, this time around, we’ve joined their fellowship, and have donated one of our Smaug shirts to the cause. For those who donate between the time they made the announcement this morning (11am GMT Thurs 8th) , and 11pm GMT Sunday 11th, each pledge made in that time will be entered in a random draw to win the second of these tops ever to exist, bypassing the wait list that’s been accumulating for when I start to produce these again! (Beyond that first prototype!)

It’s a high quality latex bodice, sculpted and hand painted by me, featuring a wired “skeleton” to allow for wearer customization of size, shape, and cup shape/coverage – it’s a highly adjustable top, and will fit anywhere between a ladies XS to Medium, and up to a DD cup size. (DDD for those in the XS size range). Includes adjustable clear bra straps.

So… let’s take a closer look at what’s up for grabs, shall we?

This shirt started off as a crazy idea. As you may know, I’m a big fan of Eurodance music. Several years ago Daisy Dee – one of my favourites – put out a song and video called “Open Sesame” (Click here to see the video). In it, she was wearing this really cool dragon top. At some points, it was animated with CG, but there did appear to be an actual, non-CG top. It’s been there, in the back of my mind for a while… some day, I wanted to make a dragon top. When I started dabbling in sculpting and casting for costuming last year, I realized that I’m finally in a position to do it! I decided to make a top inspired by not only that music video, but my favourite dragon – Smaug.

So, I asked my friend Sylus – the gorgeous model you see pictured above – if she’d be down for wearing such a thing, were I to make it. Being a huge Tolkien geek herself, she was ALL OVER the idea, so… it happened 🙂

First, I sculpted:

Then I made a mold:

Then I cast that sucker in latex:

… and finally, I painted it.


We actually have 2 whole albums of progress AND photoshoot pics up on our Facebook Page. The direct link to the progress album is here, and the photoshoot album is here.

So, if you’d like to get your name in the draw, head on over to the The One Last Party IndieGoGo Campaign, and pledge something before Sunday night! Good luck!

If you end up missing out and would like to get on the wait list for one of these tops, contact me through my costuming page!)

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