Canada Day Recipes!

When non-Canadians think about Canadian food, they usually go RIGHT for the poutine… but we actually have a ton of other uniquely Canadian foods, many of which are relatively easy to make at home. You know, even when home-as-a-location is no longer in Canada!

Once I immigrated to the USA, pretty much everything I loved back home – and was no longer able to obtain here – became “comfort food”. No matter how ubiquitous it had been back home, no matter how simple… now it was exotic, heart warming, sanity, saving, etc.

So, with Canada Day just 2 days away – and it being THREE WHOLE YEARS since posting my Canada Day Watermelon Bowl Tutorial!), I figured this would be a good time to post a comprehensive list of the awesome Canadian recipes on my blog so far.


Alligator Pie

Ok, so as a food, Alligator Pie isn’t really CANADIAN… I’m not sure it’s really a thing anywhere, for that matter… but I created this recipe based off a very famous children’s poem back home, so I’m claiming the recipe as being Canadian!


Back Bacon and Peameal Bacon

Back Bacon and Peameal Bacon start off with the same brining process, but utilize different methods to cook them. One is rolled in cornmeal, sliced, and fried… while the other is smoked. Both are awesome. Proper back bacon like this will wreck you for the stuff they call “Canadian Bacon” in the USA!


Butter Tarts

I have two recipes for Butter Tarts posted… Regular and Gluten-free. I even created a Butter Tart Liqueur recipe!



Clodhoppers is a well known candy, that originated with a company in my hometown of Winnipeg. This is my recipe for a homemade version – just as good as the “real” thing!.


Cod Au Gratin

I fell in love with Cod au Gratin while living in Newfoundland for a few years, and it still hits the spot. Easy to make, and this version is Gluten-Free!



Cretons is a breakfast meat spread from Quebec. First had it when visiting my family in my early teens – hated it at first, love it as an adult.


Crunchie Bars

Crunchie Bars were one of my favourite candy bars back home – chocolate covered sponge toffee!


French Canadian Pea Soup

Ah, comfort food from my childhood. February was ALL about Festival Du Voyaguer… which, really, was ALL about the French Canadian Pea Soup!


Honey Dill Dipping Sauce

Honey Dill Dip is SUPER popular in my hometown, but not all that well known outside of Winnipeg. Very simple – only 3 ingredients – and goes so well on so many things. Can’t have chicken fingers without it!


Honey Garlic Cooking Sauce

Honey Garlic Cooking Sauce is one of those things I’d never really associated as being Canadian, til moving to the USA. You can get hot wings anywhere here… but no honey garlic wings to be seen! I reverse engineered a popular brand of honey garlic sauce from back home, and it’s easy to make at home. I particularly love meatballs cooked in this sauce.


Nanaimo Bars

Generally regarded as one of our two main “national desserts” (along with Butter Tarts), you may recognize Nanaimo Bars from their place of honour on the cover of “The Spirited Baker”. I have a few recipes for Nanaimo Bars online: Cherry, Mocha, and Pumpkin Spice


Partridgeberry Pie

Partridgeberry Pie is my favourite kind of pie, which I “discovered” while living in Newfoundland. Partridgeberries (AKA “lingonberries”) grow wild in Newfoundland, kind of a cross between a blueberry and a cranberry. SO good!

I also have a recipe for partridgeberry wine.



Poutine… such a simple thing, SO impossible to find done right locally. Good thing it’s pretty easy to make at home!


Puffed Wheat Squares

Puffed Wheat Squares are apparently a Canadian Prairies thing – and it’s a snack you could find ANYWHERE, much like (But VERY much superior to, IMHO!) Rice Krispy Treats.


Tiger Tail Ice Cream

Tiger Tail Ice Cream (or “Tiger-Tiger”, depending on the brand name!) was my favourite flavour of ice cream as a kid, though we usually just got it when visiting my aunt in Ottawa. So, kind of a rare treat. It’s orange flavoured ice cream with ribbons of black licorice caramel!



I LOVE Tourtiere, a French Canadian meat pie. My recipe, here, is for a gluten-free version, but for those not requiring gluten-free, you can substitute your favourite savoury pie crust recipe.


So, Happy Canada Day!

Now, for my annual sharing of Important Canadian Culture 🙂

With 2017 being Canada’s 150th birthday, it’s about time I wrote the Canadian cookbook I’ve been planning for YEARS.

“More than Poutine” will be a Canadian cookbook like no other – written by a Canadian living away, it includes both traditional homecooking recipes, as well as homemade versions of many of the snacks, sauces, convenience foods, and other food items that are hard to come by outside of Canada!

High quality gluten-free versions of most recipes will be included.

The Kickstarter for “More Than Poutine is live, here. Please consider backing, and sharing the campaign with your friends!

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