Matcha (Green Tea) Pavlova Recipe

Recently, we celebrated my husband’s birthday with an All-you-can-eat sushifest.

Great time- Friends kicked in $10 each towards ingredients, I did all the shopping and prep work. When they arrived for the party, We started with satay and gyoza (both homemade), before digging into the custom sushi. I made 3 sauces, and bought a ton of ingredients – various fish, veggies, wrappers, and more.

Usually I do a pavlova for his birthday, as that’s our favourite “cake” these days… but my usual pavlovas (Any variation on my Basic Pavlova, my Bananas Foster Pavlova, etc) didn’t seem like the best match for a sushi party.

So, I got creative: A matcha flavoured pavlova with a lightly sweetened matcha flavoured whipped cream, topped with fruit to fit the theme. Lychee was my immediate thought, and I balanced that – both flavour and colour – with canned Mandarin orange segments, and balls of fresh honeydew.

It was so pretty, and went over SO well. Though we were all painfully full and feeling the beginning stages of sushi coma, everyone snarfed their pavlova happily while declaring their undying love for it. There was one comment about being able to live on that for the rest of their lives!

So… I had to share the recipe 🙂

Pavlovas are super easy to make, and this twist is a fun one. The matcha and lychee go so well together, and the bright flavours of the oranges and honeydew balances it all SO well!

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