Election Day Playlist

Like many people I share traits with – women, young people, Canadians, immigrants… alive and breathing… – I’m kinda stressed out by the election tomorrow.

It’s been only a year since my homeland’s longest, most stressful election ever… and that one was 78 days long! I will never get used to multiple years of campaigns, attack ads, trauma, scandals, etc. It’s exhausting.

So, as some of my friends have panic attacks (literally), and others seriously consider exit strategy, I figured I’d distract myself by compiling an election day playlist. I tried to keep it a good mix of serious and fun, only a little snark, and tried to just avoid going down the whole apocalypse rabbit hole, for the most part.

Here is what I came up with:

Spirit of the West – “D is for Democracy”

Going to start this out with a good, uplifting song. Very “GET OUT AND VOTE” theme, IMHO.


Gaelic Storm – “Don’t Let the Truth Get in the Way of a Good Story”

This one actually has nothing to do with elections or politics… but damned if I don’t think of the election every time this one pops up on Pandora!


Voodoo & Serano – “Overload”

I think a lot of us can identify with the feelings expressed in the video and lyrics, at this point.


Great Big Sea – End of the World as We Know It

Yeah, I know that REM did the original… but I’m Canadian, this is the first version I ever heard, and it’s my default. 🙂 Pandora seems to agree on the song (REM’s version, though) being appropriate. While I’ve never heard it played on any of my Pandora stations before, it’s been coming up *all the time* the past week or so!


K’Naan – “Wavin Flag”

As a VERY homesick Canadian living in North Minneapolis (“Murderapolis”), this song speaks to me on a spiritual level. Powerful, beautiful song. Somehow seems appropriate, even though it was written about Somalia.


The Guess Who – “American Woman”

Not as in the misunderstood “patriotic song about an actual woman” way. Nope, I’m including this song in its intended meaning, as an anti-war song. Tired of all the fighting.


Genesis – “Land of Confusion”

Is any commentary really needed on this one?


4 Non-Blondes – “What’s Up”

Because a lot of us are asking ourselves this.


The Cranberries – “Zombie”

Yep, it’s about The Troubles in Northern Ireland, but the message is pretty relevant to this, to us, to HERE.


Lohen & Lomax – “Live On”

Beautiful song, beautiful video, beautiful message.


Ice MC – Think About the Way

Anti-Racism song. Great message. You may wanna look up the lyrics if you’re not used to Ice MC 🙂


Les Miserables – “Do You Hear the People Sing”

I don’t know, the election just makes me want to listen to it. Chose the multi-lingual version for a reason. Also: R.I.P Michael Burgess, who will always be my one true Valjean.


Liza Minelli – “Cabaret”

If you know the musical and have any sense of pattern recognition with regards to past/current events (and accompanying dread) … you know why it’s here.


So, that’s it for now… what songs will YOUR Election Day playlist contain?

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