Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Sage – Gluten Free and AIP

Last night, I adapted my sweet potato recipe – from Beyond Flour 2: A Fresh Approach To Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking – to go one step beyond (haha!) being gluten free: I needed it to be AIP (Autoimmune protocol) friendly also.

As far as the gnocchi itself, this meant swapping out most of the added starches, getting rid of the eggs, and omitting the – optional – nutmeg. What resulted was a MUCH simplified gnocchi. All things considered, I think I might even prefer it to the original Beyond Flour 2 recipe!

The part where it got a little more painful was sacrificing the brown butter sauce that originally accompanied the recipe… and that I was very much in the mood for last night.

Luckily, there are a number of AIP friendly fats that work well and add a great flavour to the dish. You can use lard, bacon fat, or duck fat. If you don’t need to avoid dairy, feel free to swap in butter for the sauce. As a note: The professional photos in the blog entry are of the original recipe, from the book. The only difference in appearance is the brown butter sauce – but I’ve included a crappy cell phone photo of last night’s supper to prove that!

As with my original BF2 sweet potato gnocchi recipe, this one avoids one of the big problem areas of making traditional gnocchi – boiling potatoes. For sweet potato gnocchi, the sweet potatoes are dry cooked, not boiled – so heavy, doughy, waterlogged dumplings aren’t likely to happen! As with traditional gnocchi though, you’ll want to handle every stage of mixing with a light hand – keep it as fluffy and loose as possible up to the point of rolling. Handling everything gently will ensure that you’ll end up with soft, pillowy gnocchi.

A note: you’re looking for tubers that have orange flesh, and a lot of the time, they’re sold as “yams” (and those aren’t necessarily even yams!). “Yam gnocchi” sounds weird though… so, we’ll call it “Sweet potato”, though you may have to buy something labeled as “yams”. Isn’t a lack of consistency in terminology FUN?

The texture is great – actual gnocchi. No gumminess or sandiness, they were easy to work with and held together well. If you’re like us, you’ll want to double the mushrooms in the sauce – they are FABULOUS in this.

As promised, my crappy cell phone pic of dinner last night:

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