Cassava Flour Tortillas – AIP, Paleo, Gluten Free!

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SO it’s been just over 2 months since I adopted the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Diet, which I’ll be doing until June or so. It’s been interesting, learning the ins and outs of it, and finding out what works best with our tastes and … desire to cook on any given day!

After a couple not-great attempts at making tortillas, I’ve settled on this as not only my go-to tortillas recipe, but a regular rotation menu item here – we do fish tacos at least once a week!

Usually, I’ll make these as-is, for a basic, fairly neutral tortilla. Sometimes, I’ll add a little garlic powder and/or onion powder, for just a hint of flavour. Sometimes – as is the case with my AIP Shawarma, coming up later this week! – I’ll add even more flavour!

Now, after the first couple attempts at making tortillas, I decided to break one of my big kitchen rules: “No single-purpose items!”… and bought a tortilla press. I hesitated at first, not sure how much of a difference it would make, or how often I’d use it.

… and I don’t regret a thing! There’s no way I’d be making tacos as often as I do, without this. Absolutely worth the (reasonable!) price and storage space, it’s definitely a frustration-saver. I can press them out in no time, it’s just SO much easier than rolling out.

THIS is the one I bought, and I definitely recommend it. I don’t have a lot of experience with tortillas presses, though, so for all I know, the more expensive ones are better. I just know that this makes things so quick and easy, I have no complaints at all!

Some day, I might buy a larger one and start making larger wraps. This recipe would probably be good for 2-3 large wraps.

While I LOVE the Tortilla recipe I developed for Beyond Flour: A Fresh Approach to Gluten-Free Cooking & Baking, to be honest… this recipe is tasty and a lot less ingredients-intensive. Amazing what you can learn, when you have to adapt to increasingly more restrictive dietary needs! I’d never used cassava flour before last month, and now I have something new and fun to experiment with!


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Cassava Flour Tortillas

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